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 Ocala Cool®    coming soon to satisfy your thirst!
Clean, Clear, Fresh Ocala Brand Mineral Water.  Direct from the Floridan Aquifer a trip of centuries, achieving the mineral properties unique world wide.
Marion County's New EDC welcomes Silver Ocala the premier of Mineral Waters to Florida's Economic Action Team.  Marion County's Silver Springs flows into the Ocklawaha River and then the St Johns River on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Silver Ocala Water is environmentally and socially friendly.

 Bottled Water and your health.  Hydration is the key, drink water before thirst takes over.

Keep sugar intake low when drinking your daily water intake.

Tip:  Water is conserved when sugar content is low.  Reach for clean clear water for personal health.

For every can of normal cola it takes 6 bottles of water to grow the sugar cane.  Save the environment and save yourself. 

Bottled Health, Silver Ocala Mineral Water
The Floridan Aquifer provides unique Marion Mineral Water.

Ocala Cool will have many local delivery options to bring your favorite water directly to your home or business.

Silver Ocala Mineral Water® Natures treasure, our preferred drink.
Do yourself a favor and drink Ocala Cool one more time for the pure enjoyment. A Don Bronz Company.